US President Donald Trump, who is trailing in Electoral College votes behind his Democratic opponent, claims he has “already decisively won” several states and will win the overall presidential election “if you count the legal votes.”

“Fake polls were designed to keep our voters at home, create the illusion of momentum for Mr. Biden,” Trump told reporters at the White House Thursday evening, slamming what he termed “suppression polls.”

He explicitly called out Quinnipiac and Washington Post polls which saw Biden leading in Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin.

“There was no blue wave” for Democrats when it came to securing additional seats in the Senate, Trump pointed out.

He argued that Detroit, Michigan, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are corrupt and “cannot be responsible for engineering the outcome” of the election.

Trump continued to argue that “tremendous corruption and fraud” was being carried out with mail-in ballots. The US president has argued for months that widespread voter fraud would occur, but he has yet to present any evidence that supports this claim.
“They’re finding ballots all of a sudden,” he asserted, arguing ballots not received by Election Day, November 3, should be thrown out.

No questions were taken by the US president following his address.