Despite its relationship with the Palestinians being in an all-time low, the US has sided with the PLO by urging the Supreme Court to reject an appeal filed by families of American victims of terror attacks committed in Israel during the second intifada.

The US Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court Photo credit: Wikipedia

The Trump administration has urged the US Supreme Court to reject an appeal filed by American citizens whose family members were murdered in terror attacks in Israel in the early 2000s.

The families sued the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority in 2004 under the Anti-Terrorism Act. A federal court then ruled that the plaintiffs be paid $654 million in compensation. But in 2016, an appeals court in New York rejected the verdict, arguing that foreign-based groups cannot be tried in US courts for crimes committed abroad and not directly aiming US citizens.

The case was scheduled to be discussed by the Supreme Court on Thursday, but the Justice Department issued a statement urging the Supreme Court not to intervene. The justices have until Monday to decide whether or not to reject the appeal.