Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flew Saturday to Washington, DC, to meet with US President Donald Trump. They will discuss Iran’s nuclear program, the Syrian civil war and regional peace.

Watch: Netanyahu gives his wife Sara flowers on the plane for their anniversary

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left Saturday evening to visit US President Donald Trump in Washington, DC. This marks the fifth time the two will meet since Trump took office.

Before his flight, Netanyahu called Trump “a great friend to Israel and to me personally.” He also said that this visit is extraordinarily important and that he plans to thank Trump for his decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Netanyahu then revealed that his main talking point with the US President will be Iran, especially “its combativeness, its nuclear ambitions and its aggressive actions in the Middle East and specifically along Israel’s border.”

“Stopping [Iran] is a mutual goal for [Israel and the United States] and for other countries in the region, but first and foremost for Israel’s citizens,” Netanyahu added. “I leave [for the United States] in the name of all our citizens and as their emissary. I leave for three purposes: security, peace and economic growth.”

Reporters on the tarmac asked Netanyahu about the tensions in his government’s coalition. “There’s no reason to have an early election and with a little good will, it won’t happen,” he responded. “This government can even run its course to the forecasted date, in 2019.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with US President Donald Trump

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with US President Donald Trump Photo Credit: Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

The White House spokesperson announced that Trump will meet with Netanyahu during the Prime Minister’s visit to AIPAC’s policy conference. The White House added that the two would discuss several issues, notably Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the Syrian civil war, the Iranian threat along Israel’s border and Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

Before the plane took off, Netanyahu surprised his wife, Sara, with a flower bouquet for their 27th anniversary.