While meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump slammed the Iranian nuclear deal, calling it “a terrible deal.” Macron, however, tried to persuade his counterpart that the US should remain committed to the deal.

Macron and Trump

Macron and Trump Photo Credit: EPA

US President Donald Trump referred to the nuclear deal set forth by the Obama administration “insane” and “ridiculous while meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in the White House on Tuesday.

The French President arrived in Washington and met with his American counterpart in an attempt to convince him not to withdraw from the deal with Iran, which is expected to be dissolved by the US in three weeks.

The two were seated next to each other in the Oval Office after the official welcoming ceremony on the White House lawn when Trump called the deal “insane” and “ridiculous.”

“People know my views on the Iran deal,” Trump said. “It was a terrible deal. It should have never been made.”