Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continues attacking his Democratic opponent. During an interview with Reuters, Trump said that Clinton’s policy regarding Syria could ignite a large-scale military conflict. He also claimed that Clinton would not be able to negotiate with Putin.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

This evening (Tuesday), Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said during an interview with Reuters that if his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton is elected as president, her policy regarding the Syrian civil war will lead to WWIII.

Trump stated this in reference to the potential conflict between the US military and the Russian military in Syria. “Defeating ISIS is a higher priority than defeating Bashar Al-Assad’s regime,” Trump said during the interview that mainly focused on foreign policy. He also doubted Clinton’s ability to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the past, Clinton has asserted the need to create no-fly zones within Syria in order to protect civilians. “We need to focus on ISIS and not on Syria,” Trump said claiming that Assad is stronger now that he was three years ago.