US President Donald Trump has decided to delay his announcement about whether to move the American embassy to Jerusalem and recognize the city as Israel’s capital until Monday of next week. In recent days, several countries have voiced concerns, claiming that an embassy move and official recognition would harm the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The American Embassy in Tel Aviv

The American Embassy in Tel Aviv Photo Credit: Flash90

The White House announced Monday night that US President Donald Trump has decided to postpone the announcement of his decision regarding the American embassy move and the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital until next week. The delay comes amid the increasing reservations from several countries in the world, including France and Saudi Arabia, which are concerned that such an announced would harm the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Palestinian media outlets reported Monday that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas had warned that such an announcement by Trump would be met with a “day of rage.” Last week, Palestinian officials warned the Trump administration that a formal American recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel would “terminate” the chance for peace negotiations.

Hamas also sent a warning to the White House, saying that if Trump indeed declares Jerusalem Israel’s capital, there will be immediate consequences on the ground. In the statement, Hamas said that it is “warning Trump against recognizing Jerusalem as the State of Israel’s capital.” The Palestinian terrorist group said that its members want to clarify to Trump that Jerusalem is “a Muslim city and the capital of the Palestinian people.”

Hamas added that such a declaration by Trump would prompt the group to call for an escalation in “the Jerusalem Intifada,” the terror wave that began in September 2015. According to two Washington sources, Trump was expected to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital tomorrow, Reuters and Axios Media reported last week.