During his Thursday press briefing, President Trump suggested that “another country” may join the United Arab Emirates and Israel in their peace signing, while hinting that some other unnamed states were also really eager to take part. However, it was not immediately clear, whether the US president simply meant the signing event or the normalization process in the Middle East as a whole.

“Next week at the White House, we’ll be having a signing between the UAE and Israel, and we could have another country added into that. And I will tell you that countries are lining up that want to go into it”, Trump said.

The country in question was not specified by Trump, as he went on to say that “you’ll be hearing (about) other countries coming in over a relatively short period of time. And you could have peace in the Middle East.”

Trump then hinted that Saudi Arabia may eventually be among the countries to conclude a peace agreement with Israel, as he has already apparently discussed this pressing issue with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman.