The many scandals surrounding Donald Trump’s first five months as US President have caused a considerable amount of confusion. We’ll fill you in on the details.

Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The first five months of Donald Trump’s presidency have been packed with so many scandals that it has truly become an increasingly difficult task to follow them.

What exactly are the various allegations? Which bodies are investigating them? And what could they mean for Trump’s future as president? We’ll try to answer all of these questions here.

What are the allegations?

  1. Russian interference in the 2016 election

Russian hackers, allegedly with President Vladimir Putin’s approval, are suspected of interfering with the election procedure by hacking into the servers of the Democratic Party and trying to hack into the electronic voting machines.

  1. Collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign

Several of Trump’s senior campaign aides, including Paul Manafort, Carter Page and Michael Flynn, are suspected of maintaining secret contacts with Russian officials.

  1. Trump’s obstruction of justice

Trump himself is accused of obstructing justice by telling the former FBI Director, James Comey, to end his probe into Flynn’s contacts with Russia, and later firing him when he didn’t.

Which bodies are investigating?

  1. House and Senate committees

No less than four different committees are currently investigating the various allegations involving President Trump. The most prominent one is the Senate Intelligence Committee.

  1. Special Council Robert Mueller’s probe

The US Justice Department has appointed ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special council to oversee the investigations.

What could the consequences be?

The harshest consequence of the investigations is unlikely to be a criminal charge, but a report to Congress at most. That report, however, may include specific material that the House of Representatives can use to ignite an impeachment process.