The San Francisco Court of Appeals finished an hour-long hearing on the petition filed by the Department of Justice to reinstate the executive order banning immigration from 7 Muslim countries. No ruling has yet been made but US President Donald Trump has responded claiming that national security matters should not be fought in the courtrooms.

Trump calls ban

Trump calls ban “common sense” Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Yesterday evening (Tuesday), a three-judge panel of a San Francisco 9th Circuit Court of Appeals finished discussing the petition to reinstate the executive order banning the entry of citizens from 7 Muslim countries into the US. The court did not decide on the issue but said that a ruling will be made “as soon as possible.” The court will rule on whether to approve the executive order’s suspension by a federal judge or to accept the Department of Justice’s position to reinstate the order.

The appellate court hearing was an hour-long heated debate. The judges present vigorously questioned the administration’s position, asking whether there is evidence that citizens and refugees from the banned countries pose a real danger. A representative from the Department of Justice said the hearing took place abruptly and thus the government did not have enough time to gather supporting evidence.

Muslim travelers at a US airport

Muslim travelers at a US airport Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A conservative judge on the panel appointed by former President George W. Bush asked the plaintiffs’ legal representation (representing the State of Washington and Minnesota) whether they have evidence that the order discriminates against the citizen’s entry based on their religion. The judge expressed doubts about the order being discriminative against Muslims and argued that out of the world’s total Muslim population, very few have been affected by the order. In response, the plaintiffs’ attorney quoted Donald Trump’s statements made during his presidential campaign in which he said he would ban Muslims from entering the United States.

Protest in Boston against Trump's order on immigration

Protest in Boston against Trump’s order on immigration Photo Credit: Limor Golchin/Channel 2 News

On Sunday, Trump’s administration sought to immediately reinstate the order, which had been suspended by James Robert, a federal judge in Seattle, WA. Yesterday morning, the US Department of Justice filed their petition to appeal the federal judge’s ruling. The DOJ’s petition to appeal states that the judge’s ruling undermines the president’s national security decision.

Watch: Trump responds to petition to reinstate immigration ban 

Yesterday (Tuesday), Trump responded to the petition filed, stating that he does not believe the US should fight national security matters through the justice system.

“If you remember, ISIS said it was going to infiltrate the United States and other countries through the migration,” Trump said. “And then we’re not allowed to be tough with people coming in? Explain that one.”

Trump attacked the US Judicial system in general and in particular Judge Roberts this past Saturday and Sunday in a slew of tweets: