The existing sanctions will remain in place.

US President Trump and Korean dictator Kim Jung Un.

US President Trump and Korean dictator Kim Jung Un.

U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he is not going to impose new sanctions on North Korea due to the positive progress in recent negotiations. Trump said that existing sanctions will remain in place and that he would not impose new ones while the talks continue.

Referring to one of his common phrases, Trump said: “I don’t even want to use the term maximum pressure anymore because I don’t want to use that term because we’re getting along. You see the relationship. We’re getting along. So it’s not a question of maximum pressure. It’s staying essentially the way it is.”

The North Korea situation was not very clear in the past several days after Trump had canceled the much-anticipated June 12 summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. However, as abrupt as the Trump cancelation was, he announced yesterday that the Singapore summit is back on and said he believes it will be successful. Trump changed his mind regarding the summit following a meeting held in the White House with North Korean envoy Kim Yong-chol, who is the former intelligence chief and a top nuclear arms negotiator, and also the first North Korean to set foot in the White House since 2000.

“We’re meeting with the chairman on June 12, and I think it’s probably going to be a very successful — ultimately, a successful process,” Trump said.

Even though expectations are high for the Singapore summit, speaking with reporters, Trump belittled the anticipated political outcome and stated that the North Korean matter will not be solved in just one meeting. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we walked out and everything was settled all of a sudden from sitting down for a couple of hours?” Trump said. “No, I don’t see that happening. But I see over a period of time. And frankly, I said, ‘Take your time.’”