US President Donald Trump continues to lash out at the American judicial system and it is estimated that he will try a new direction in order to pass his immigration ban.

US President Trump

US President Trump Photo Credit: Reuters\Channel 2 News

US President Donald Trump continues his battle against the American judicial system that is blocking his travel ban order against the citizens of seven countries. “Our legal system is broken!” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Earlier this week, Trump lashed out at the legal system claiming it is a political system that endangers national security.

After the court rejected the government’s appeal, Trump announced that he is considering signing a new immigration order and will back down from challenging the appeals court’s decision in the Supreme Court. According to Trump, the new order is expected to be ready by Tuesday.

Trump has not yet announced his exact plan. Meanwhile, a senior level White House official confirmed that Washington has decided to not challenge the appeals court’s decision.