An advisor on Donald Trump’s presidential administration transition team told Reuters in an interview that he would like to begin a process that would enhance monitoring immigrants from Muslim countries, even without receiving Congress approval. Furthermore, Trump’s immigration staff has begun drafting an initiative that would allow for the wall on the American-Mexican border to be built soon.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

US President-elect Donald Trump may have retracted his statements regarding preventing Muslim immigrants from entering the US, but that is not stopping him from taking action against them in other manners. According to American media reports, Trump is likely to follow through on registering Muslim immigrants without receiving Congressional approval.

Kris Kobach, one of Trump’s advisors on his presidential transition team, claimed during an interview with Reuters that the President-elect’s staff specializing in immigration and national security are interested in strengthening the registering and tracking of those who enter US territory through “extreme security measures” that will include a precise registry system, finger prints and frequent testing at national security personnel’s offices.