In his first interview with the British and German media, US President Elect Donald Trump related to the removal of sanctions against Russia, anti-Israel actions at the UN Security Council, the refugee crisis in Europe and other international issues.

US President Elect Donald Trump

US President Elect Donald Trump Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

US President Elect Donald Trump was interviewed for the first time with the British and German media. In the interview, Trump spoke about his foreign policy goals which include among other things removing part of the sanctions against Russia in exchange for a nuclear arms reduction.  He welcomed the fact that Great Britain is no longer in the EU and also called upon the British to stand by Israel at the UN.

In a joint interview with the Times of London and Bild, Trump hinted of his desire to significantly reduce the existing nuclear arms arsenal held by both Russia and the United States.   He seeks to offer Russian President Vladimir Putin a partial removal of the sanctions that were imposed recently by the United States if he will cooperate with him on this issue.

“They imposed sanctions on Russia,” he stated. “Let’s come and see if we can do good deals with Russia. I think there needs to be fewer nuclear weapons. I think that this is part of that.” However, despite Trump’s consolatory attitude towards Russia, Trump condemned Russia’s recent involvement in Syria and their support for the Assad regime. He claimed that their involvement was a “terrible thing” that led to a widespread humanitarian disaster.

After strongly condemning outgoing US President Barack Obama’s decision not to veto a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement activity in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, Trump urged Great Britain to utilize their veto on any future resolution against Israel in the UN Security Council. In addition, Trump confirmed that his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner will be the American mediator between Israel and the Palestinians.

In his interview, Trump condemned many institutions including the European Union and NATO. He welcomed Great Britain’s decision to leave the EU, called Brexit “a great move” and stated that he expects that other countries will follow Great Britain’s example by leaving the EU as well.

In relations to NATO, Trump stated that although the alliance is very important, it is outdated and cannot cope with the terror threat: “And many countries do not pay what is expected of them, which is not fair to the US. Only 5 countries pay and that is not much at all.”

Trump also spoke about the refugee crisis in Europe and blamed German Chancellor Angela Merkel for it. According to him, it was possible to prevent the crisis by taking care of another one: “I think that Merkel made a catastrophic mistake by taking in all of these illegals without knowing where they came from.”

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