As the tensions between the US and the Palestinian Authority continue to mount following the embassy move to Jerusalem, the New York Times reported today that the White House is planning to reveal its peace plan for the Middle East next month.

Trump, Kushner and Netanyahu

Trump, Kushner and Netanyahu Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon/GPO

US President Donald Trump is planning to unveil his peace plan for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict next month, the New York Times reported Saturday. According to the report, the rollout date will likely be in mid- to late-June, following the end of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan.

Five senior US officials told the publication about the Trump administration’s plan but also cautioned that it could be delayed if there are major regional developments. In addition, they said that the masterminds behind the peace plan, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner and Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt, have already started revealing certain details to America’s allies.

While US-Israel relations are currently stronger than ever, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed when US Vice President Mike Pence visited Israel a few months ago, Washington’s ties with the Palestinian Authority have suffered since Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

During his historic speech, Trump claimed that his recognition of Jerusalem was simply an acknowledgment of “the obvious.” He also stressed that his decision does not mean that the US has taken a final position on any issues in the conflict. However, Palestinian Authority officials quickly denounced Trump’s speech and insisted that the US could no longer serve as a peace broker in the conflict.

In the months that have passed since the December 6 declaration, the Palestinian Authority has been highly vocal in condemning the US and taken several steps in the international arena to display its fury over Washington’s decisions regarding Jerusalem.