US President Donald Trump slams US courts regarding his overturned executive order that banned visitors from several Muslim countries: “The courts are slow and political!” Trump even criticized the US Justice Department.

Trump attacks once again

Trump attacks once again Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The London terror attacks stirred up the issue of the travel ban for Muslims, which US President Donald Trump imposed in an executive order that was overturned by the courts. Today (Monday), Trump criticized the US Justice Department via Twitter and government officials regarding the travel ban for citizens of Muslim-majority countries wishing to visit the US.

“The Justice Dept. should have stayed with the original Travel Ban, not the watered down, politically correct version they submitted to S.C.,” Trump wrote on Twitter in a message to the US Justice Department and the Supreme Court. Trump also asserted that the US needs an extreme vetting system for those wishing to enter the country “in order to help keep our country safe.” He also added that the courts are “slow and political!”

“The Justice Dept. should ask for an expedited hearing of the watered down Travel Ban before the Supreme Court – & seek a much tougher version,” Trump tweeted regarding the US Justice Department.