The tensions between Tehran and Washington DC continue to grow after US President Donald Trump responded to the Iranian President’s speech. Yesterday, Iran held a massive parade celebrating the country’s Islamic Revolution as hundreds stomped on Trump’s picture.

Watch: Footage from the parade in Iran, yesterday

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US President Donald Trump responded yesterday (Friday) to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s speech. Rouhani taunted the West as he spoke at the ceremony commemorating the Iranian Islamic Revolution.

Rouhani said, “Anyone who threatens Iran will regret it.” Speaking from the press cabin aboard Air Force One, Trump warned that Rouhani “better be careful.”

Iran's leaders leading yesterday's parade

Iran’s leaders leading yesterday’s parade Photo Credit: Reuters\Channel 2 News

Rouhani also taunted Trump himself as he told Iranian media agencies, “Some inexperienced people in the region and in the US threaten Iran. They should know that the language of threats will never work on Iran. They should learn to respect us.”

Rouhani’s speech was published along with footage of Iranians stomping on pictures of Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In addition, Iranians were seen stomping on pictures of the American and Israeli flags.