According to Western diplomats, the US will delay the publication of Trump’s “Deal of the Century,” which will adroitly solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. According to an Al Hayat report, the US cannot force the Palestinian leadership to accept the current deal.

US President Donald Trump with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

US President Donald Trump with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Photo Credit: Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

Western diplomats say the US has decided to postpone the publication of President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century” to an “unknown date,” according to a report in the London-based Al Hayat newspaper. The report claims that “the president’s team is trying to forge a better deal and understands that the deal cannot be forced on Mahmoud Abbas.”

According to the report, the US administration is “leaving the door open” for a reevaluation of the current proposal, claiming that the US team is working to formulate a proposal that will be acceptable to both sides. This, despite previous announcements that the plan is in final stages of formation.

“The plan cannot be forced on the Palestinians, and especially on Mahmoud Abbas,” the sources said. “The Israelis and the Palestinians need to agree to this, and then other parties in the Arab world will join.” The sources further revealed that the peace plan includes at least two stages during which Israel and the Palestinian Authority will directly discuss the terms of the negotiations and then the core issues such as borders.

Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization Mahmoud Abbas continues to refuse to discuss the peace plan with the US after declaring that the Trump administration is not a fair mediator. The US administration may wait until he leaves the Palestinian leadership for medical or political reasons before moving forward with the plan.

A senior source told Al Hayat that according to the Palestinians, the American recognition of Jerusalem “led to the failure of the plan even before it was presented.” According to a senior Western official, had Trump not recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the Palestinians would have been unable to refuse a call to negotiate.