US President Donald Trump has unveiled his newest peace plan for the Middle East. The US will propose a comprehensive regional settlement that will be open for negotiations and allow for normalized relations between Israel and the Arab states. Despite a skeptical Netanyahu, the Trump administration believes that Mahmoud Abbas is truly interested in reaching an agreement.

Trump and Netanyahu during Trump's Israel visit

Trump and Netanyahu during Trump’s Israel visit Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Months after US President Donald Trump’s team began conducting meetings in the Middle East, Channel 2’s main newscast reported on Sunday that the outline of Trump’s proposal for peace in the region has finally been revealed. According to officials in the American government, the proposal will be open to negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The American team that worked on the deal intends to put forward a proposal for a comprehensive regional settlement that will also bring the Arab states to the table and allow for normalized relations with Israel. The arrangement is likely to be completely different from the previous plans put forth by former Secretary of State John Kerry and presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Washington has made clear that it has no intention of proposing an ultimatum, rather hopes that the proposal will act as a basis for negotiable terms; sources in the Trump administration said that the president and his team intend on being “brief and on point,” but they do not plan on setting a strict timetable for the talks and said that “we will not impose an agreement on either side.”

A source close to the Democratic Party recently received the following message from the White House: “We have a concept and you will be happy with it.”

As part of the new plan, the working assumption of the Americans is that PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas is a serious and interested party in the arrangement- even though Israel disagrees. “If the situation were different, we would not have spent so much time and resources in the region,” the US government said. On the other hand, he added, the US administration has also been very attentive to the security needs that Netanyahu raised.