Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon (Arab press

The Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar has reported on details regarding President Trump’s  “Deal of the Century”.

According to the report, the plan requires heavy involvement from the neighboring Arab countries; Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon.

Jordan would commit to grant Jordanian citizenship to more than one million Palestinian’s who are already live in its territory in exchange for $ 50 billion in American economic aid. In addition, Jordan must agree to cede the areas of Naharaim and Tsofar to Israel which were leased to Israel following the Israel-Jordan peace treaty in 1994. in exchange, territories of the same size would be given to Jordan by Saudi Arabia.

Egypt would open up the Sinai Peninsula by setting up vast industrial zones to provide relief to Gazan’s living in poverty under Hamas’s regime. In exchange, Egypt will receive economic aid to the tune of 70 billion dollars. President Trump is expected to discuss this proposal during his meeing with Egyptian President A-Sisss in Washington on April 9th.

Lebanon would grant Lebanese citizenship to the Palestinian’s living in their refugee camps In case of refusal, the Palestinians who live in these camps in Lebanon would be given citizenship in other countries by renouncing their “right of return”.

This plan is certainly likely to be rejected by the PA whose objective is less to resolve the issue of its suffering people than to see the extinction of the State of Israel.