U.S. President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch criticized the man who nominated him without mentioning him by name: “When I became a judge, they gave me a gavel, not a rubber stamp. I am my own man.” Trump quickly responded by criticizing the courts.

Watch: Gorsuch during the hearing

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U.S. President Donald Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court judge Neil Gorsuch spoke out against the president last night (Tuesday) during his Senate confirmation hearing.

The second day of Gorsuch’s hearing lasted about 11 hours. During the hearing, Trump’s attitude toward the judicial system and judges in the U.S. was discussed. Gorsuch said that he has no intentions of considering Trump’s standing regarding controversial topics such as abortion and stressed: “No man is above the law.” Gorsuch added: “When I became a judge, they gave me a gavel, not a rubber stamp. I am my own man.”

Regarding Trump’s criticism of the U.S. court system, Gorsuch said: “When anyone criticizes the honesty or integrity or the motives of a federal judge, well I find that disheartening. I find that demoralizing because I know the truth.” However, when he was asked whether his statement applies to the U.S. president, Gorsuch avoided mentioning Trump by name and said: “Anyone is anyone.”

Trump and Gorsuch

Trump and Gorsuch Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Trump quickly responded to Gorsuch’s statements: “The courts are not helping us, I have to be honest with you. It’s ridiculous. Somebody said I should not criticize judges. OK, I’ll criticize judges.”