An opinion poll conducted in Turkey found that two thirds of Turks believe Erdogan and are of the opinion that Fethullah Gulen stands behind the coup. The US is not rushing to extradite Gulen to Turkey and in the midst of this, Erdogan is strengthening ties with Russia.

Putin and Erdogan

Putin and Erdogan Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Following tensions between Ankara and Washington, DC, Turkey and Russia have been taking steps to improve trade and economic relations, which were badly damaged after Turkey downed a Russian plane near the Syrian border. Today, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich met with his Turkish counterpart in order to strengthen the relationship: “We are here to improve relations and to upgrade them so that they will be even closer than they were before by November 24.”

Following the coup attempt and the subsequent purges, Erdogan is now focusing upon foreign affairs. The meeting that was held today was in preparation for a meeting between Erdogan and Putin in early August most likely in Moscow. Despite the criticism Erdogan faces, most Turks believe him.

According to a poll published on Reuters, nearly two thirds of Turkeys believe that Fethullah Gulen stood behind the coup. 64.4% of Turks believe that Erdogan is correct and Gulen is guilty; many are critical of the US for not rushing to extradite him to Turkey.