Turkey’s president stated that the matter would be reviewed after next month’s presidential election.


Erdogan Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

In an interview with reporters on Sunday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed the decision of the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) to impose an embargo on Israeli products and stated that Turkey will review its economic relations with Israel after the upcoming presidential election on June 24.

“I hope that the decision of the OIC will be implemented,” Erdogan said. “Of course we will examine the situation as well. We have an election campaign soon and we act on the matter after it is over.”

57 Muslim leaders met in Istanbul on May 18 for a rare OIC summit held by Erdogan to discuss the violent clashes between the IDF and Palestinian rioters along the Gaza border last week. Later that day, a massive protest against Israel was organized by the Turkish president.

Last week, diplomatic relations between Turkey and Israel reached their lowest point since the 2016 reconciliation agreement. The consuls to both countries were expelled following the incidents along the border of the Gaza Strip last week and the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem.