As warnings are made of another terror attack in the country, a Turkish journalist speaks to Channel 2 News Online about the fear in the air, the lack of trust in Turkish authorities, and the economic blow the country received because tourists are leaving. He blames Erdogan’s administration for not doing more to combat ISIS.

'We don't trust our own government'

‘We don’t trust our own government’ Reuters/Channel 2 News

Following the US and Israel’s immediate travel warnings to Turkey, Turkish journalist Abdullah Bozkurt blames his country’s government for not taking firm action against ISIS, which is operating within the country’s borders. “We aren’t seeing serious sanctions against the terror organization,” he said in a special interview with Channel 2 News Online.

Bozkurt, who writes about security subjects in Turkey, made clear that, recently throughout the country, security warnings were issued by the government and by foreign countries. “The US and Israel’s warnings are very reliable,” Bozkurt said. “Frankly, the Turkish people put more trust in warnings from other countries than those originating from the Turkish government itself.”

'Sanctions against ISIS have not been taken'

‘Sanctions against ISIS have not been taken’ Reuters/Channel 2 News

Bozkurt explained that the reason Turkish citizens don’t trust their country’s security officials stems from the fact that Turkish government officials ignored the warning Germany sent them about the Istanbul terror attack last month, in which three Israelis and one Iranian were murdered. “Istanbul’s governor mocked Germany’s warnings and claimed that they scared the public without reason. But it turns out they were right,” he said.

In addition, Bozkurt criticized the Turkish governments steps against Muslim terrorist organizations in his country. “We aren’t seeing any real sanctions against ISIS or other radical Muslim terror organizations in Turkey,” he claimed. “In fact, in the three big terror attacks that ISIS carried out here, all of the suspects were released even though serious testimonies were presented in court. It almost feels like a political cover that they’re giving to every type of radical Muslim terror organization that operates in Turkey,” he said.