Investigations into last week’s explosion on the German soccer team’s bus have revealed a plot twist: a German-Russian national is suspected of planting the bomb for profit. The suspect purchased thousands of the team’s shares on a loan prior to the incident from which he profited greatly.

“Sergei W” is suspected of profiting from the explosion Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A little over a week after an explosion on a German soccer team’s bus injured one and postponed the players’ game against Monaco, a surprising twist in the case has been revealed. German police arrested a man suspected of planting the explosives on Borussia Dortmund’s bus: a 28-year-old German-Russian citizen who appears to have profited from the explosion. The investigation revealed that “Sergei W,” as named by the media, bought shares of the soccer team shortly before the attack.

The young man is facing possible charges of attempted murder, causing serious harm and an explosion, according to the German prosecutor’s statement. On the day of the explosion, Sergei bought 15,000 put options, which can be sold at a predetermined price.

In order to purchase the shares, the suspect took out a loan. German authorities explained that if the team’s shares fell, Sergei would earn a lot more than his initial investment. It is suspected that Sergei planned to at least seriously injure a player or even kill him, a move that would have led to a severe blow to the company’s share price.

One player was seriously injured in the explosion

One player was seriously injured in the explosion Photo Credit: SkyNews/Channel 2 News

However, in the days following the incident, a suspect with ties to Islamic movements was arrested and the local prosecutors added that a letter had been found in the area claiming responsibility for the attack, though it did not state which body or organization was taking responsibility. The letter’s authenticity is under examination but investigators have begun to believe the letter was intended to mislead the authorities.