The social networking giant Twitter continues to fight against content promoting violence and terrorism. The company announced that they have deleted approximately 360,000 accounts of users who expressed support for terrorism and encouraged the use of violence. Despite the positive trend, the company made it clear that there is no magic solution to identify extremists’ accounts.

Twitter against terrorism

Twitter against terrorism Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

The social networking company Twitter announced today (Friday) that since the middle of 2015, it has closed approximately 360,000 accounts of users who violated the ban on incitement to violence and terror promotion on site. An announcement published by the company based in San Francisco stated that it has managed to increase the rate of account suspensions by over 80% since last year.

Half a year ago, the company announced that it closed 125,000 accounts and now, it released another an update regarding the progress of its efforts to eradicate online terrorism support. According to the company, there were spikes in account suspensions immediately following terror attacks around the world.

The company also mentioned that there has been progress in preventing suspended users from re-opening new accounts under different names. Despite the success, Twitter clarified that “there is no one ‘magic algorithm’ for identifying terrorist content on the Internet.” Similar to other social media companies, Twitter has a number of user-recognition tools including automatic recognition, proprietary spam-fighting tools and of course reports from other users on the network.

The company’s announcement came after a period of many complaints that it does not do enough to prevent extreme terror organizations such as ISIS from using its services for the distribution of inciting content and recruitment of new members. Just last week, a US court rejected a lawsuit against Twitter claiming it supported ISIS by allowing its members to open accounts and use its services.