Twitter has suspended multiple accounts linked to Hamas and Hezbollah, Arab media reported on Sunday.

“There is no place on Twitter for illegal terrorist organizations and violent extremist groups,” said a spokesperson for Twitter.

According to multiple media reports, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took this decisive step after feeling the “heat” from members of Congress who are demanding that the social media giant take down all Hezbollah and Hamas affiliated accounts.

According to the reports, the first account that was closed belonged to Al-Manar, a Lebanese based news agency that is closely associated with Hezbollah.

The Lebanese news agency did not shy away from the fact that they represent Hezbollah’s interests.

“Hezbollah, in addition to its resistance role, plays a big role in Lebanese political life. It’s represented in the government and parliament as well, due to its large popular support from Lebanese people of various backgrounds,” Al-Manar said in a statement.

IDF Spokesman Jonathan Conricus lauded Twitter’s decision.

“Kudos to Twitter for suspending the accounts of terror groups Hezbollah and Hamas. Internationally recognized terror groups should never have a platform for their violent extremism,” he said.