Israelis are strictly prohibited from and are warned against entering Territory A villages in the West Bank, which are under the complete control of the Palestinian Authority.

Recently, two Israelis entered the Palestinian village of Al-Ram near Jerusalem and were attacked by the residents. One of the Israelis was able to escape and reached an Israeli police force in the area. The second Israeli was rescued by Palestinian police and transferred over to IDF forces.

Surprisingly, Isralies often take wrong turns into Palestinian villages by mistake despite the warning signs.

In a separate incident, Israelis from Haifa who were driving a shipping truck of furniture from Kidron to Ma’ale Amos entered by mistake the Territory A area, which is under the complete control of the Palestinian Authority. After driving into the village of Al-Ubeidiya that is in the Bethlehem District, they were stopped by Palestinian police and soldiers, detained and questioned for two hours in a small room. Only after they paid a customs tax on their cargo were the two returned to Israeli territory.

“After we left Kidron, we put the address in Waze. After about ten minutes of driving, we drove into a village and there was no signage, though even if there had been, it was not obvious to the eye. They asked for our identification and inquired about what was in our truck. When we answered that it was a supply of cargo intended for Israelis, they thought we were lying,” said one of the passengers to reporters.