Two urgent inquiries have been launched by MI5 in order to understand how the British security agencies missed the warnings indicating that Salman Abedi, the Manchester terrorist, was planning an attack. Despite the multiple warnings about his intentions, Abedi was not under surveillance.

Abedi (left), injured victim (right)

Abedi (left), injured victim (right) Photo Credit: CNN/The Sun/Channel 2 News

Britain’s Security Service MI5 has launched two urgent investigations in order to understand how the security agencies within the country missed the warnings indicating that the Manchester Arena terrorist was planning an attack. According to The Guardian, one of the inquiries was launched last week shortly after the terror attack that claimed the lives of 22 people.

According to reports, the British authorities apparently received information from several sources indicating that Salman Abedi was a potential terror threat. Investigators believed that Abedi, whose parents fled Libya and sought political asylum in Britain decades ago, underwent a series of terrorist training drills in his native country. He returned to Manchester just a few days before he blew himself up at the arena. Teachers and people within the Muslim community in Manchester alerted the authorities prior to the attack about Abedi’s extremist views.

The FBI even warned the authorities in Britain about Abedi’s plans last month, according to various reports. In addition, the BBC reported that the authorities received at least three warnings about Abedi’s intentions since January. However, the British authorities were not monitoring Abedi.

Britain’s Home Secretary Amber Rudd told BBC1 yesterday: “We won’t shy away from looking at what we can do to keep people safe. We are in constant discussion with the security services and the police to make sure they have the right tools they need.”