After the Manchester bomber’s identity was leaked and first published by US media outlets, British authorities warned the Americans. However, after sensitive crime scene photographs were leaked and published yet again by an American news outlet, British authorities announced they will stop sharing information with their US counterparts.

The leaked crime scene photographs

The leaked crime scene photographs Photo Credit: The New York Times/Channel 2 News

Following recent leaks from the Manchester attack’s investigation, British authorities announced that they will stop sharing intelligence information about the attack with the US. Leaked crime scene photographs first published in The New York Times prompted the announcement made by the Greater Manchester Police.

The British National Police Chiefs’ Council said on the matter, it “undermines our investigations and the confidence of victims, witnesses and their families.” The leaked images were published shortly after British intelligence officials shared their findings with their American counterparts.

The detonator used

The detonator used Photo Credit: The New York Times/Channel 2 News

The details of the investigation revealed that the terrorist appeared to have used a powerful explosive activated by a tiny detonator. The bomb was hidden in a blue backpack worn into the arena. After waiting some time, the bomber detonated the explosive using the hand-held switch. Nuts and bolts found at the scene also suggest they were added to the bomb to increase damage.

Salman Abedi

Salman Abedi Photo Credit: The Sun/Channel 2 News

The New York Times claimed that there was evidence at the scene that the bomb was professionally made and carefully planned. Such an assessment is further supported by the fact that most of those killed were found in a circle around the spot where the bomb was detonated. Furthermore, a 12-volt battery, much stronger than batteries used in portable chargers, was found at the scene.

After details about the bomber were initially published in the US, British Home Secretary Amber Rudd sharply criticized the Americans, calling the leaks “irritating.” Rudd added that she made it clear it “shouldn’t happen again.” However, some time later, The New York Times published the leaked pictures.

It was also revealed that the terrorist’s parents allegedly tried to warn the police several times that their son was dangerous but they were ignored. As reported earlier by JOL, Salman Abedi’s sister claimed her brother sought revenge for children killed in Syria by US air strikes.