Kane Gamble was only 15 when he reportedly pretended to be CIA director John Brennan and gained access to sensitive documents about US operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. He also told the FBI’s helpdesk that he was former deputy director Mark Giuliano and hacked into the phones of US security officials, diverting their calls to the Free Palestine Movement.


Illustration Photo Credit: Sliman Khader/Flash90

A British teenager gained access to highly classified documents concerning US operations in Middle Eastern countries, including Afghanistan and Iraq, by pretending to be former CIA director John Brennan, according to various reports in UK media. Kane Gamble, 18, pleaded guilty to the charges during a court hearing in the UK on Friday.

Gamble, who was 15 at the time, reportedly gathered information concerning Brennan and used it to persuade employees at an internet company to grant him access to the intelligence chief’s email account. The teenager also convinced an FBI helpdesk employee that he was the agency’s deputy director at the time, Mark Giuliano, to gain access to an intelligence database. In addition, Gamble hacked into the home phones of US security officials and diverted their calls to the Free Palestine Movement’s hotline.

“He accessed some extremely sensitive accounts referring to, among other things, military operations and intelligence operations in Afghanistan and Iran,” prosecutor Lloyd-Jones QC said in a statement on Friday. Gamble has reportedly told journalists on Twitter that his actions were a result of anger towards the US for its “corrupt” actions in the Middle East. The defense argued that Gamble did not attempt to profit from his actions and that he was emotionally immature and on the autistic spectrum.