Amid local elections in the UK, Labour Party member and former London Mayor Ken Livingstone is once again spouting anti-Semitic rhetoric. The Labour’s anti-Semitic streak is said to have harmed the attempts of the party’s leader to regain electoral power.


Livingstone Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council via Flickr

In what seems to be another part of the UK’s Labour Party anti-Semitism saga, former London Mayor Ken Livingstone said that the “Zionists” cooperated with Hitler during the 1930s under mutual interests to move Jews out of Germany.

Livingstone was interviewed by Sky News and admitted that the anti-Semitic saga of the Labour Party was probably the cause of the party’s declining success in Friday’s local elections. However, during the interview, Livingstone stood by his past statements, saying that Hitler was a Zionist, that there was a “done deal” between the Nazis and Zionists in the 1930s and that Hitler wanted to move Jews away from Germany, while the Zionists wanted to establish a state in Palestine.

Some Labour members have criticized Livingstone’s remarks and said they believe it undermined leader Jeremy Corbyn’s attempts to regain support and distanced Jewish voters. The Labour needed only two more seats to win the north London Borough of Barnet, which has a large Jewish population.