An indictment was filed on Thursday against an Umm al-Fahm resident who allegedly helped plan the terror attack near the Temple Mount, which claimed the lives of two Israeli police officers. The terrorists even asked the defendant, a relative of one of them, if he would like to take part in the attack but he declined.

The scene of the attack and the two victims

The scene of the attack and the two victims Photo Credit: Israel Police/Channel 2 News

About two months after the deadly terror attack near the Temple Mount, charges were filed Thursday against an Umm al-Fahm resident for being involved in the attack. According to the State Attorney’s Office and the Shin Bet, 34-year-old Amjad Bin Muhammad Jabarin was involved in planning the terror attack that was carried out by one of his relatives and two of his friends.

Jabarin has been charged with serious offenses including accessory to murder, obstruction of justice and conspiracy to commit a crime. The prosecution has asked that he remain in police custody until the end of the legal proceedings against him.

The incitement states that the defendant “was aware of the terror attack plan of the terrorists already in its beginning phases.” The terrorists, who were eliminated inside the Temple Mount compound, spoke about their plans in front of Jabarin during the Ramadan holiday.

The prosecution is claiming that Jabarin “knew that this was a plan to carry out a terrorist act” and was present when the terrorists discussed their attack on other occasions. “Later, the defendant saw the firearms that were used in the terror attack, drove the terrorists to shooting practice, where they used the same guns, and was even offered to carry out the terror attack with them but turned down the offer,” the indictment read.