A UN special report has found that within just a few years, the Gaza Strip will find itself without a water reservoir, with scarce electricity and in the midst of a significant unemployment crisis.

A decade of Hamas' rule- Gaza is on its way to collapse

A decade of Hamas’ rule- Gaza is on its way to collapse Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

In light of the worsening humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, the United Nations published today (Tuesday) a special report marking a decade of Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip, which states that within three years Gaza will be “unlivable” and is in fact declining “further and faster” than forecast in the UN’s 2012 Gaza report.

“We predicted some years ago that Gaza would fast become unlivable on a host of indicators and that deadline is actually approaching even faster than we predicted – from health access, to energy to water,” UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid and Development Activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory Robert Piper told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday.

According to the report’s findings, Hamas’ hostile takeover in 2007, together with three rounds of fighting with Israel, have led to the destruction of vital parts of Gaza’s infrastructure as well as its internal economy. The report also pointed at the recent electricity shortage, the rise in the unemployment rate (currently at 42%), the lack of appropriate medical clinics and physicians and depleted water reservoirs as proof that Gaza is headed in a dangerous direction.

“Across the board we’re watching de-development in slow motion,” said Piper. “Every indicator, from energy to water to healthcare to employment to poverty to food insecurity, every indicator is declining. Gazans have been going through this slow motion de-development now for a decade.”

All things considered, the report warns, should the current situation continue, the residents of Gaza will find themselves without a viable water source and with scarce electricity running just a few hours a day within three short years.