During archaeological excavations conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority the remains of a Jewish settlement at the time of the Second Temple in the Beer Sheva was discovered.

The settlement dates back to the Bar Kochba revolt in the first-century, and several secret underground corridors were found that were commonly used by  “Jewish rebels” against the Romans.

The site is located near the southern boundary of the ancient kingdom of Judah and near a road leading to Tel Beer Sheva. The strategic value of the site was perhaps the reason why it was built as the foundations of a 10 meter by 10-meter watchtower was found.

A representation of a 9 branched Jewish candelabrum, dozens of coins as well as some vessels used for purification of the body were found.

Dr. Daniel Varga of the Israel Antiquities Authority, commented on 9 branched Jewish candelabrum that was found: ” It is probably the earliest representation of a candelabrum 9 arms ever found”.