The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is expected to vote on a resolution rejecting the sovereignty of the State of Israel in Jerusalem. This will “harm the already deteriorating status of UNESCO and its relevance,” said a diplomatic source.

UNESCO to vote on sovereignty of Jerusalem

UNESCO to vote on sovereignty of Jerusalem Photo credit: Tom Kinner/ Channel 2 News

UNESCO is expected to vote next Tuesday on another anti-Israeli resolution aimed at determining that the State of Israel is not the sovereign in Jerusalem. The resolution, originally initiated by the Palestinian Authority, declares that Israel’s actions as a governmental authority in its capital city are illegal and condemns Israel for failing to comply with previous decisions made by the organization.

The PA’s draft of the resolution is in fact another attempt to give political legitimacy to the organization’s decisions. A diplomatic source in Israel criticized the move and claimed that UNESCO’s board of directors refuses to stop the political process that is undermining the status of the organization: “Contrary to the recommendation of the UNESCO Director General and the promises and declarations of various leaders over the past year, UNESCO continues the ritual of passing anti-Israel political resolutions that challenge any action that Israel does in Jerusalem,” he said.

UNESCO | Archive

UNESCO | Archive Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

The source added that “the draft of the resolution adopts past decisions that have denied the Jewish connection to the city and is reestablishing political condemnations of Israel in relation to Gaza.”

The source also noted that Israel expects the member states to vote against the resolution that he defined as “absurd.” He concluded: “This proposal will not harm our determination to act in Jerusalem for the benefit of all its residents. It will harm the already deteriorating status of UNESCO and its relevance.”

Last October, the UNESCO Heritage Committee raised an uproar when it voted to condemn Israel for what it described as “action against the holy sites of Islam in Jerusalem.”