Hours after the release of a video clip showing the alleged IDF shooting of Palestinians in Beitunya, the Department of State spokesperson stated that Washington calls upon Israel to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

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American pressure regarding the recent incident: Jen Psaki, spokesperson for the Department of State, called upon Israel “to conduct an immediate and public investigation of the incident”, in which two young Palestinians were killed during the Nakba Day clashes. Psaki further claimed that to the best of her knowledge the video clip released by the Palestinians this morning (Thursday), was not edited or manipulated.

In reply to a question during the morning media brief, Psaki stated that: “Israel should examine the facts of the incident, including the question whether the use of force was proportionate to the threat posed by the demonstrators”. “We are following this incident closely – we’re looking for further information from the Israeli government and we certainly kept in contact with them”, Stated Psaki.

In the video released this morning one of the demonstrators is seen waving a sling-shot toward the soldiers. Later on, one of the demonstrators is seen falling on the ground, supposedly as a result of gun fire. Further on a second demonstrator is seen walking and then suddenly collapsing. According to Palestinian claims, four live ammo bullets were shot toward the demonstrators. As a result of the shooting, two were killed and another was injured. They further stated that they “do not know where the fourth bullet hit”. 

IDF spokesperson released the following statement: “On Thursday a violent and illegal riot took place in Beitunya. The video clip that was released was edited in a manipulative fashion and does not reflect the violence that took place in the event. According to an initial investigation, no live ammo was used during the incident. Nonetheless, the Military Advocate General initiated an investigation of the incident.