A NY based author has argued in his book Let There Be Water that Israel was one of the first nations in the world to recognize the importance of water conservation.

Seth Siegel, a successful New York City-based businessman, has written a book portraying Israel as a water conservation superpower and claims Israelis know very little about it.

“Israelis have a way of always thinking that their country is not good enough, but I think it’s also unfair of Israelis to only see the worst in themselves, ” Siegel said while promoting his book.

In his book, Siegel argues that Israel was one of the very first nations in the world to foresee a potential water crisis and take action to prevent it. “For one reason or another, beginning in the 1930s, before there was even a state, Israel started thinking about water in a way just about no one else in the world was,” he said.

“Not enough Israelis know about the great victory Israel has won over nature, supplying their country with all the water that they need to live a good quality life,” Siegel added.