The White House appeared encouraged after receiving approval to remove 11 tons of enriched uranium from Iran. Kerry expressed hope that the move will extend the time till Tehran’s break-out to be a nuclear power.


Archives Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The United States has confirmed that Iran has made “significant steps” in implementing the nuclear deal. US Secretary of State John Kerry welcomed this morning the transfer of 11 tons of enriched uranium from Iran to Russia.

In the agreement signed last July, Iran committed to not possessing over 300 kilos of low-enriched uranium. The White House explains that the move distances Iran from producing a nuclear bomb. Now, Kerry noted that the break-out time for producing a nuclear bomb went from two to three months to nine months.

“I am pleased that in the report, we saw important signs of significant progress on the Iranian side,” Kerry stated. “Tehran is working to implement its main commitments under the agreement.” According to the deal, the IAEA will determine whether Iran is following the deal, which significantly affects the transfer of money to Iran’s economy for it will give the green light to remove additional sanctions.

At the same time, Iran reported that they are now much more open to American companies. According to a report in the Iranian media, several businesses have already begun to “test the water” after US companies were prevented from doing business with Iran over the past decade due to the economic sanctions. Iran stressed that they are looking forward with “open arms” towards investors.