A light aircraft with a couple and a teenager crashed into a home in Middlesex County, Virginia. Fortunately, the three survived the crash, but were injured and transported to a local hospital for medical treatment, where they were later released.

Luckily, the home was empty

Luckily, the home was empty Photo Credit: Shawn Trigor/Channel 2 News

Three people were injured yesterday (Saturday) when a light aircraft crashed into a home in Middlesex County, Virginia. The local sheriff announced that the injured parties, two adults and a teenager, were transported to the hospital and were later released. All of the plane’s passengers survived crashing into the home, which fortunately, was not occupied.

Middlesex County Sheriff David Bushey stated that the single-engine plane took off yesterday at around 9:00 am. The pilot lost control of the aircraft for a reason that has yet to be published and afterwards, he flew the plane between two trees crashing directly into the home.

It is apparent in photographs from the scene of the crash that the house was significantly damaged. The local law enforcement is leading the investigation into the incident announcing that the plane is to be removed from the home today.