The US State Department announced Monday that it is considering the possibility of imposing economic sanctions on Myanmar in light of the country’s treatment of its Muslim Rohingya minority.

Watch: Huge refugee convoys flee Myanmar

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After Myanmar’s treatment of the Muslim Rohingya minority within its borders was described by the UN’s highest-ranking human rights official as “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing,” the US State Department announced that it is exploring the possibility of imposing economic sanctions on the Asian country.

“We express our gravest concern with recent events in Rakhine State and the violent, traumatic abuses Rohingya and other communities have endured,” a statement released yesterday by the State Department read. “It is imperative that any individuals or entities responsible for atrocities, including non-state actors and vigilantes, be held accountable.”

Rohingya refugees

Rohingya refugees Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

Due to the crisis, the US has limited its involvement with the country’s armed forces and no longer grants travel waivers to former or current senior members of the Myanmar military.