In an official statement, the Pentagon announced the US military will be accepting transgender recruits staring Monday after federal court rulings were not challenged by the Washington administration.


Illustration. Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash90

The US military will accept transgender recruits staring Monday, said the Pentagon in an official statement on Friday. The announcement comes after federal courts ordered the ruling, blocking the ban issued by US President Donald Trump in July.

“As mandated by court order, the Department of Defense is prepared to begin accessing transgender applicants for military service Jan. 1. All applicants must meet all accession standards,” said Pentagon spokeswoman Heather Babb in a statement on Friday.

A Washington official speaking to Reuters said that the administration will not challenge the federal court’s ruling. “The Department of Defense has announced that it will be releasing an independent study of these issues in the coming weeks,” the official said. “So rather than litigate this interim appeal before that occurs, the administration has decided to wait for DOD’s study and will continue to defend the president’s lawful authority in District Court in the meantime.”

As previously reported by JOL, LGBT rights organizations said they intended to appeal against the ban of transgender people serving in the military that was issued by Trump in July. Sasha Buchert, attorney in the LGBT rights organization Lambda Legal said the ban was “capricious, irrational and clearly driven by anti-LGBT forces in the administration who care more about harming transgender people than keeping our nation safe.”