The US State Department is offering multi-million-dollar awards to anyone who can lead to the arrest of 2 senior-level Hezbollah terrorists. The move marks the White House policy aimed to pressure Iran.

Wanted Hezbollah terrorists

Wanted Hezbollah terrorists Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

A US State Department official announced that millions of dollars will be awarded to anyone who will lead to the arrest of 2 senior-level Hezbollah officials. According to the official, the terrorist organization is determined to create the possibility of an attack in the US.  

Up to 7 million dollars are being offered for Talal Hamiyah, in charge of terrorist operations abroad and up to 5 million dollars for Fu’ad Shukr, a top military operative. The move marks US President Donald Trump’s new policy to pressure Iran, which funds much of Hezbollah’s operations.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump is expected to announce his decision on the Iran Nuclear Deal by the end of the week.