Trump Administration officials briefed reporters that Iran is upholding its end of the nuclear deal, but still remains a threat to the stability of the region. The White House officials also added that new financial sanctions on Tehran are being considered due to the ballistic missile tests.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

US government officials announced this morning (Tuesday) that Iran is meeting the required conditions of its nuclear deal with the world powers, but clarified that Tehran still remains a major threat. This is the second time US officials have confirmed Iran’s upholding of the deal, despite Donald Trump calling it “the worst deal ever” during his 2016 presidential campaign.

In a briefing to reporters, the White House officials added that new financial sanctions on Iran are being considered due to the recent ballistic missile tests as well as Iran’s contribution to the instability of the region.

The briefing was held in accordance with US law, which states that the State Department must report to Congress regarding Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal every 90 days, with the previous briefing taking place in April 2017.

Two days ago, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif claimed that the US government is not upholding its end of the nuclear deal following claims made by four US senators.

Three months ago, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that Iran continues to stand behind its commitments made in the nuclear deal that was signed in 2015 and ordered to reconsider lifting the sanctions on Iran. However, he added that the US government is still concerned about how Iran “remains a leading state sponsor of terror.”