A new poll conducted by the Washington Post reveals that most of the American public thinks that problems in America’s politics “have reached a dangerous low point.” 70% said that today’s divisions are “as least as big as during the Vietnam war” and 25% of Trump supporters are “not proud” of the way democracy works in America.

Poll reveals 'pessimistic views' under US President Trump

Poll reveals ‘pessimistic views’ under US President Trump Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Most of the American public believes that under President Donald Trump’s administration, political polarization and division in American society are as severe as during the Vietnam War, says a Washington Post survey. 71% of the respondents believe that the political discourse has reached a dangerous low point.

The poll, conducted in conjunction with the University of Maryland, asked questions related to Trump’s performance as president and the political situation in Washington, D.C. since he was elected. 77% of the citizens who lived during the Vietnam War said that the discourse and polarization in the United States are at a similar point to that of the war. Others said that in their opinion, politics had reached a “dangerous low point” under the president, while only 14% said that the level of “ethics and honesty” of politicians is “excellent or good,” down from 25% 20 years ago.

As for President Trump’s claims that he is not guilty of failing to pass significant legislation, 51% of the respondents blame the president for the faulty functioning of the American political system.

Despite the notable numbers of respondents dissatisfied with the US politics and government, about 63% percent said that they were “proud of the way democracy works in America.”