The U.S. will provide $15 million in humanitarian assistance for Palestinians “in the West Bank and Gaza Strip,” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield told the UN Security Council Briefing.

“This urgent, necessary aid is one piece of our renewed commitment to the Palestinian people,” Thomas-Greenfield said.

According to Thomas-Greenfield, the Biden administration “has recommitted to the vision of a mutually agreed two-state solution, one in which Israel lives in peace and security alongside a viable Palestinian state.”

“Our administration will take steps to re-open diplomatic channels of communication that were halted during the last administration,” she added.

The previous administration under President Donald Trump withheld funds to the Palestinians due to their continued support for terrorism and their policy of pay-for-slay, in which they supported terrorists and their families. The Palestinian Authority paid more than 512 million shekels ($157 million) in 2020 to terrorists imprisoned by Israel, according to Palestinian Media Watch.