After a federal appeals court revised US President Donald Trump’s executive order banning the entry of refugees from 6 Muslim countries, the US Supreme Court blocked the ruling and placed the order into effect.

A win for Trump

A win for Trump Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The US Supreme Court took US President Donald Trump’s side early this morning (Wednesday) blocking a federal appeals court ruling that revised the president’s travel ban. The travel ban, which bars refugees from six Muslim countries from entering the US, was amended last week due to a federal appeals court order and following the current US Supreme Court ruling, the ban has returned to its original condition.

Five judges approved US President Donald Trump’s request to block the federal appeals court’s ruling, claiming that it would allow the entry of 24,000 refugees, whose entry into the US is prohibited according to the original executive order. This Supreme Court decision does not overturn the ruling made by the federal appeals court, but rather freezes it.

Trump signing the executive order

Trump signing the executive order Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Although no reason was added to the Supreme Court ruling, it seems that one of the elements that influenced the court is the fact that on October 10, the court will take up the legality of the controversial travel ban.