Israel Air Force

The United States has warned Israel not to attack Iranian forces in Iraq, according to a report by state radio Kan. This is in contrast to Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman’s statement that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) could attack Iranian military targets in Iraq if they threatened the Jewish state.

Arab sources told the radio station that Washington asked Israel not to carry out any attacks on Iraqi territory, saying, “Please leave Iraq to us.

The report indicates that the U.S. warning came several weeks ago, before Tehran allegedly deployed ballistic missiles in Iraq, capable of reaching Israel and Saudi Arabia.

A source at the Iraqi Defense Ministry said that Iraq’s sovereignty is a red line that must not be crossed ”or else”. The official noted that they have been closely monitoring what the Israeli might do. 

A few days ago, an attack was reported at the military airport in Mezzeh, near Damascus, in which two uniformed officers were killed and eleven others wounded. The identity of the persons were not disclosed.

Foreign sources attributed this and a number of other attacks in Syria to Israel.

This past Sunday, the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, a London-based NGO with an extensive network of activists on the ground, reported that a convoy of Iranian forces was attacked by forces by the Al Tanf area on the Syrian-Iraqi border. Eleven men were killed in the attack. The report doesn’t detail what the caravan was transporting.