On the country’s independence day, dozens of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s supporters stormed the national assembly in Caracas and attacked opposition lawmakers. One of them needed to be transported to a hospital after being carried out of the building on a stretcher.

Watch: Footage from after the attack

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The violent protests against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro have been raging in the streets of the country’s capital for the past few months. On Wednesday, as the country celebrated its independence day, a violent incident related to the protests occurred when dozens of armed supporters of the president stormed the parliament building and attacked several lawmakers.

The Maduro supporters ran into a meeting conducted by opposition lawmakers and attacked at least three members of the opposition with metal rods and stones. Journalists were also attacked by the angry mob.

Eye-witnesses said that the attackers also robbed the lawmakers and journalists. Two injured politicians were seen being escorted out of the building with bloody wounds on their bodies. Lawmaker Americo de Grazia was carried out on a stretcher and transported to a hospital in Caracas.  

“This is Venezuela today,” said an opposition lawmaker in response to the violent attack. “Criminals attack the national assembly and the armed forces work together with this madness.”