Tonight (Monday), the IDF released the video footage from a camera mounted on a soldier’s helmet showing the elimination of a wanted terrorist from al-Bira near Ramallah. The operation, which occurred last night, was intended to be an arrest but when the terrorist opened fire, the soldiers responded and ultimately eliminated him.

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The helmet’s video footage shows officers from the Israel Border Police’s Yamam unit, an elite counter-terrorism unit, sweeping the house when they are surprised by sudden gunfire from the direction of a ceiling alcove in which the terrorist was hiding. They exchanged fire and the terrorist was eliminated.

As reported by JOL earlier today, the IDF conducted the raid in al-Bira in search of wanted terrorists and weapons. The terrorist who was eliminated, Basel Al Arej, was the head of a terror cell planning attacks against Israelis. Two other Palestinians were shot and injured after throwing stones at Israeli forces.