Reports indicate that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Walmart’s senior executive John Furner about a potential collaboration to bring the world’s largest retailer to Israel. Netanyahu also invited him to invest in Israeli technologies.

Walmart truck (illustration)

Walmart truck (illustration) Photo Credit: Walmart/Wikimedia Commons

During the World Economic Forum annual meeting in mid-January, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly spoke with Walmart’s senior executive John Furner about bringing the brand’s stores to Israel.

Bloomberg reported that during the conversation in Davos, Switzerland, Netanyahu suggested that Walmart sell a branch of the franchise to be operated in Israel. Netanyahu’s economic advisor Avi Simhon confirmed the meeting and topics discussed, telling Bloomberg: “We made it clear we are ready to ease regulatory burdens wherever possible to make the market more accessible to them.” Walmart representatives have yet to comment on the meeting and possibility of expansion to Israel.

There are great economic opportunities that may arise from a retail giant such as Walmart opening in Israel. Bloomberg contributors stated, “The entry of the low-cost retailer and grocer could mesh with the Israeli government’s efforts to lower the cost of living.”

Netanyahu met with several other heads of international companies at the World Economic Forum in hopes encouraging business opportunities with Israel and investments in Israeli technology.